Wrack snorkeling in curacao

Watch the first pictures in the new gallery. Underwater videos with the GoPro 4 Hero Silver digital camera are coming soon.

Tugboat, Curacao (Wrack diving)

Tugboat, Curacao (wrack snorkeling) © 11.2014 Photo by Dagmar Schmidt-Neuhaus with GoPro 4 Hero Silver

Advantages of Curacao:

  • beautiful reefs near the beaches, nice for snorkeling even for beginners
  • a variety of fishes in all sizes (even very big fishes like 1,5 meter tarpons and big stingrays in sea aquarium)
  • small island (about 66 km length, ideal for a daytrip with a minibus)

Disadvantages of Curacao:

  • a lot of mosquitos (buy aloe off-Spray to prvent bites)
  • only few but dangerous fish: lionfish, scorpionfish –> wear always swimming shoes at the beach and in the water! Be careful to step even on a seaurchin (this hurts!)
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